Surely you know what it is like to treat your allergy with medications such as antihistamines and cortisones, and trade your allergy discomfort for the side-effect discomfort that these medications deliver. Now you can breathe a welcome sigh of relief - both figuratively and literally! Because HayFairy™, an all-natural allergy support, can be taken in conjunction with your current medication, be it antihistamines or cortisones.

The all-natural, plant-based HayFairy™ is an alternative to side-effect laden prescription medications. It uses the herb Artemisia absinthium to provide relief of hayfever attacks, allergic asthma and eczema of varying intensity. HayFairy™ as an herbal supplement can even be taken together with medications like antihistamines and cortisones and may reduce their dose requirements over time. In this way, the side effects of these medications may diminish, and ultimately, dependency upon them may cease.

Generally, a dose of 3 capsules twice a day for 4 weeks is recommended. It typically takes about 1-2 weeks for HayFairy™ to become effective, and full benefits are generally experienced in 3-4 weeks.

So how does HayFairy™ work?

HayFairy™ Ancient Roots

The ancient herb wormwood or “Artemisia Absinthium” on which HayFairy is based, is referenced in almost all books of herbal medicine and even in the Bible. The Chinese form of this herb has been referenced in Han Dynasty medical texts and more recently has been lauded by the World Health Organization.

Taking Care

HayFairy™ is designed to achieve one clear objective: to assist you get relief from your hayfever and allergies naturally and side-effect free. To that end, HayFairy™ has been created with all-natural ingredients and contains absolutely nothing artificial.

However, as with all herbal alternatives, it's important to note the common sense precaution that allergic reactions to HayFairy™ may be possible. For example, a person may individually be allergic to an all-natural spice used in HayFairy™. As such, while there as yet have been no reported adverse reactions to HayFairy™ usage, it is ethically responsible for us to clearly point out that allergic reaction is possible, as it is with any ingested item (medical or otherwise).

Also note that you should always follow the instructions of your physician and in no case stop the medication already prescribed by him. HayFairy™ is a nutritional supplement and should be used as such.


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